Window Tint – Health Benefit

Window Tint Reduces Sun Heat Glare DamageFor those that have window tint on their cars or trucks; did you make the investment to prevent cancer?  How about those that have office window film installed to beat the sun’s heat?

We didn’t think so. However, it’s interesting to know that reducing the heat in your vehicle, workplace or home may have an added benefit that most would have never considered.

Early research at St. Louis University suggests that driving a lot can raise your chances of skin cancer.

Doctor Scott Fosko, St. Louis University researcher, says “Our initial findings confirm that there is a correlation between more time spent driving and a higher incidence of left-sided skin cancers, especially on sun-exposed areas in men”.

Early findings were presented to the American Academy of Dermatology (ADD) in Washington DC where it is noted that Tinting or using UV filters on auto glass may help.

At Dealer Xpress we didn’t get into the business of applying window tint to cars, trucks, homes and offices to prevent cancer but were happy to share an unintended benefit.

Read the full article on WebMD.


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