Why Tint your Car, Truck or SUV?

Style – it’s different for everyone.

Style is the number one reason people come to Dealer Xpress to get their windows tinted.

For most, there’s no denying the look of their vehicle  is one of the biggest factors of their purchase and why they continue to invest in it.

Here’s our top 8 reasons why you should tint your auto with us:

Appearance – it just looks better

Also, many of our clients want to balance the appearance of their car by matching the front windows rear factory smoked look.

Privacy – Say no to thieves

Tinting can help reduce the likelihood of someone peering into your truck looking for cell phones, laptop bags or anything else of value.

Protection – No cracks or fading

Have you ever seen an older car with a sun bleached interior or a cracked and faded dash?  The sun makes it mark; even on new cars.

Heat – Keep cooler when the weather is hot

Other than storing your car or truck in the shade there’s no fool-proof way to help keep it cool inside.  Window Tint helps.  With the right product your car’s interior can be up to 60% cooler.

Health – Protect your skin

If you’re going to tint your car or truck you might as well get the most out of it.  Window tint can block up to 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Accidents – Less glass is a good thing

If an accident should occur window tint can help minimize amount of shattered glass flying around inside the car.

Glare – No thanks

Many customer have a need to reduce glare in their eyes from the blinding lights of those driving behind them.  Lifted trucks, improperly adjusted headlights and the popularity of brighter aftermarket bulbs have made the reflection in the rearview mirror too bright.  Window Tint can reduce glare from the sun, snow, bright lights and reflections from rain on the roadway.

Dealer Xpress Window Tinting

With 20 years of experience we have experts on hand to help you choose what option, shade and color is right for you.

Our installers are specially trained and equipped with specialized equipment to measure the amount of light entering your vehicle to help you determine your best options.

Dealer Xpress stands behind our work and takes great pride in approaching each vehicle like it is our very own.

Give us a call today so get a free – no obligation estimate.


Dealer Xpress of Auburn is located at 3802 Auburn Way N, #305, Auburn, WA 98002


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