BAKFlip Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

A personal note on the subject of truck bed tonneau covers: before discovering BAKFlip, the last time I searched for a tonneau cover, I was underwhelmed by the lack of low profile covers that offered the form and function I was looking for.

Covers that snapped on, velcro, or had a complex ribbed frame system dominated the market.  Not to mention the hard cover systems that could be paint matched.  All had pros and cons and it came down to which had the least amount of cons.

Settling for a tilt frame tonneau cover that could be lifted at a 45 degree angle was problematic.  The inconvenience was that the complete frame / cover combination had to be completely removed to utilize the entire bed.   Not very practical when you realize the furniture you just bought at Sumner’s Old Cannery wont fit into your truck with the cover installed.

Enter BAKFlip.

BAKFlip has several low profile tonneau cover designs to allow complete access to the truck bed without having to take anything off the truck.

The BAK Revolver X2 for example is a hard rolling Tonneau Cover that is ultra low profile, strong and allows 100% access to the truck bed.

Other products like the BAKFlip Fibermax, G2, VP and HD offer a flip back design with features varying in weight capacity, contractor strength and all allow full access to your truck’s bed.

Photo Credit: BAKFlip Industries
Photo Credit: BAKFlip Industries

We stock the most popular models and can often get other models the same day.

Dealer Xpress of Auburn is proud to be a Bak Authorized Dealer for BakFlip and can be reached at 253-288-1195. Please call to match one of these fine truck bed covers to your needs today.




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