The Best Tint Available – Dealer Xpress

To be fair, not all window tint is the same.

At Dealer Xpress of Auburn we know we have the best window tint in King County.

How do we know? We have the best window tint product available for you.  You are number one and your needs are uniquely yours.

  • Parents looking to reduce the glare in a baby’s eyes.
  • Traveling marketing reps, with sales samples & stock, want to reduce what is seen, reducing theft.
  • Style Baby – It just looks great.
  • Contractors & Fleet Vehicles want a signature look; colored or shaded tint for corporate vehicles.
  • Business owners wants to reduce air conditioning costs; reducing the heat through office windows.
  • Conscientious drivers or those with sensitive skin need to block the Sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Security – Yes, there are films designed to help with security.
  • Film is not just for windows; paint protection is available.

There are dozens more, but our point, we have the best product for you.

The reason we are so confident is the twenty plus years providing excellent care and service for the most precious of reasons your may be seeking window film.

Thank your for the opportunity to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

We’re located in Auburn at 3802 Auburn Way N. #305






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