Clear Windshield Option for Solar Control

Question: How is fencing in your yard like having the windows tinted in your car?
Answer:  It’s not – Most of us choose to fence in the entire yard so it’s complete and secure.

With that in mind let’s go over some of the reasons why some of us choose window tint – Security, Comfort, Privacy and Appearance. This could also describe why most fence their yard.

My point: You wouldn’t build a fence with one open side exposed so why do that with your car?

Until recently, tinting your front windshield had very few options to consider.  Also, choosing a shaded tint often left it difficult to see, especially in low light.

LLumar has produced an almost invisible film called Air 80 that we have successfully used and tested on our own vehicles.  For those looking for a complete 360 degree solution to reducing harmful UV rays and heat build-up – all without the darker look of tint – this may be just the product for you.

This product can be used on anyone of your windows or sunroof.  It rejects 43% solar energy, provides >99% UV Protection and can minimize some of the sun’s glare in your eyes.

Learn more at Dealer Xpress – 253-288-1195


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