Clearly the Best in Home Sun Control

It’s late.. the sun is going down and the temperature outside is finally dropping.  However, it’s now hotter in your house than it is outside.

Dealer Xpress can help you reduce the heat build up in your home.  One of the most popular requests is a window film that doesn’t darken the windows.  Although some tinted films slightly darken the windows – with the right choice – often you can’t see the difference.

Feel the difference – Our solution offers 99% or better UV protection and reduces the glare 61% – This is a popular choice for your ground or first floor windows.  Heat rejection is 56%.

For the top floors our solution offers a more aggressive approach as these windows are less likely to get shade, are closest to the Sun’s damaging UV rays and are typically in bedrooms.  This solutions provides 99% or better UV protection and reduces glare 82%. Heat rejection is 71%.

In this picture we see a recent project where the ground floor received film blocking 56% of the Sun’s heat.  You’ll notice the that the window is still clear and bright despite the Washington overcast day.IMG_5330

Advantages to having window film professional installed in your home include:

  • Blocks Heat & Glare
  • Lower Energy Costs – rejects the Sun’s heat so your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard
  • Reduce Fading – reducing harmful UV rays that can damage your flooring, furnishing, art and other belongings

Dealer Xpress will work with you to completely match your needs and desired result.  Give us a call today!

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