Automotive Window Tint

When it comes to your vehicle Dealer Xpress only chooses the best products and individually trained technicians.

Automotive windows are only done using high quality LLumar FormulaOne window film. Vehicles treated with FormulaOne by qualified technicians are backed by an unmatched warranty.  Your vehicle is protected for as long as you own it and the warranty can be transferred other should you sell it.

Window Tint isn’t just about style.  Many of our clients come to us looking for solutions to reducing glare, controlling heat and blocking the Sun’s harmful UV rays that can contribute to skin cancer.

Automotive Paint Protection

Properly installed, the right film can be applied to a vehicle becoming a barrier protecting it  from scratches, dents, rocks, bugs and other elements in the environment. This is most often applied to the front hood area of the vehicle, bumper, fender, rearview mirror,windshield pillars, headlights and other areas of vulnerability.

Free Estimates – contact us for a free no-obligation estimate on your project. Estimates are provided directly by an owner of Dealer Xpress that will work with you to meet your needs.

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