Broken Car Window – We Ask An Insurance Agent

Often we install tint on a window that was recently replaced due to a break-in or vandalism.  So, we decided to ask our friends at Haymaker Insurance how insurance companies handle broken window claims and what advice they give their customers.

Tim @ Haymaker Insurance writes:
Unfortunately, car prowls or the occasional baseball can leave us with a broken window.  If this happens, we advise looking at the cost of paying a deductible vs. what it would cost to replace the window out-of-pocket. Each person’s situation may be different.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my deductible?  The most common deductibles in this scenario are $250, $500 or $1,000.
  • What is the cost to replace the glass myself?  Some find the out-of-pocket cost is better than filing a claim.

An option to consider is Full Glass coverage on your car insurance policy.  For a little more money you get peace of mind knowing it can pay to repair or replace auto glass without a deductible.

For example: Your car was broken into, nothing of value was stolen but you have to get the glass fixed. The window(s) is $650.  With the Full Glass option enabled on your car insurance, your insurance company should cover the costs of repairing the window in full with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Without it you’re subject to your deductible first and the insurance company paying the remaining amount.

Again, it’s a little more money but in most cases it’s an extremely low-cost coverage to have.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 253-220-5430 or

Tim Hay
Haymaker Insurance

Dealer Xpress is not associated with the sale or placement of home or car insurance. Information Purposes only. We focus on protecting your car’s paint, making it look great and help with solar control inside the car.


5 Reasons to Tint Invest

Privacy – During our many rush hours in the Seattle, Tacoma and Eastside areas it’s nice to have a bit of privacy.  Tinted windows will help keep nosey people from seeing inside the car and help hide your valuables when you’re parked.

Road Glare – Our wet streets and road glare is brutal on the eyes.  Window tint can help keep your eyes and you on the road.

Solar Control – Window Tint can help keep you and the interior of your car cooler.  Some films can even reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Interior Protection – When our Sun arrives, it can be destructive on our interiors.  Interiors that have spent the last 9 months only exposed to dark skies.  Window Tint can help reduce fading and cracking of our cars interior by blocking out nearly 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV Rays.

Style – It simply looks outstanding.

Bonus Reason – Dealer Xpress loves our customers and their vehicles.  We take great pride in repeat and return business.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with any all of the reasons above.



Happy New Year – 2017

On behalf of the Dealer Xpress family we want to thank all of those that supported us as clients, friends and partners in 2016.  Our continued success is largely due to your support – we thank you.

For 2017 Dealer Xpress Window Tinting serves the Seattle, Tacoma and Eastside areas with exceptional window tint, world-class paint protection, professional installation and products that set or exceed industry standards.

Automotive, Commercial and Residential tint & films continues to be a growing need this year.  We hope to serve you.

Happy 2017!