Commercial Window Tinting

Reducing unwanted heat, glare and keeping your customers, employees or tenants happy is why building owners are having window film (tint) installed. All while enhancing the visual style of the building.

When it comes to quality, Dealer Xpress Window Tinting only offers the best. We proudly feature LLumar, the best product available, to reduce up to 82% of the suns heat while allowing natural light in without glare. It’s time to open the blinds or shades and let the sunlight in.

Proper installation of Solar Control film will reduce the load on your HVAC unit and energy costs.  By blocking heat and glare, windows tinted with LLumar film can help balance the hot zones throughout a commercial building – while helping occupants enjoy greater comfort in the workplace.

Our films also help lower energy costs by improving glass insulting performance as much as 92% and filter out more than 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause fading in fabrics, furnishings, and display merchandise.

Decorative Window Films are also available – this opens up the possibilities to express yourself or your business in a style all your own.  Without the cost of designer glass you can update your windows with a frost, graphic pattern, gradient or distinctive specialty appearance.

Free Estimates – contact us for a free no-obligation estimate on your project. Estimates are provided directly by an owner of
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