Broken Car Window – We Ask An Insurance Agent

Often we install tint on a window that was recently replaced due to a break-in or vandalism.  So, we decided to ask our friends at Haymaker Insurance how insurance companies handle broken window claims and what advice they give their customers.

Tim @ Haymaker Insurance writes:
Unfortunately, car prowls or the occasional baseball can leave us with a broken window.  If this happens, we advise looking at the cost of paying a deductible vs. what it would cost to replace the window out-of-pocket. Each person’s situation may be different.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my deductible?  The most common deductibles in this scenario are $250, $500 or $1,000.
  • What is the cost to replace the glass myself?  Some find the out-of-pocket cost is better than filing a claim.

An option to consider is Full Glass coverage on your car insurance policy.  For a little more money you get peace of mind knowing it can pay to repair or replace auto glass without a deductible.

For example: Your car was broken into, nothing of value was stolen but you have to get the glass fixed. The window(s) is $650.  With the Full Glass option enabled on your car insurance, your insurance company should cover the costs of repairing the window in full with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Without it you’re subject to your deductible first and the insurance company paying the remaining amount.

Again, it’s a little more money but in most cases it’s an extremely low-cost coverage to have.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 253-220-5430 or

Tim Hay
Haymaker Insurance

Dealer Xpress is not associated with the sale or placement of home or car insurance. Information Purposes only. We focus on protecting your car’s paint, making it look great and help with solar control inside the car.


Happy New Year – 2017

On behalf of the Dealer Xpress family we want to thank all of those that supported us as clients, friends and partners in 2016.  Our continued success is largely due to your support – we thank you.

For 2017 Dealer Xpress Window Tinting serves the Seattle, Tacoma and Eastside areas with exceptional window tint, world-class paint protection, professional installation and products that set or exceed industry standards.

Automotive, Commercial and Residential tint & films continues to be a growing need this year.  We hope to serve you.

Happy 2017!

Residential Cooling – Tips & Tricks

We don’t get it all year-long but here in Washington when the sun makes and appearance – our homes feel the heat.

Higher temperatures in the home can make it difficult to sleep, uncomfortable and can be dangerous to pets and those at home throughout the day.

Many of us can’t even stand to cook in the home when the temperatures are soaring.

With your comfort in mind – we’ve put together a list of common tips & tricks homeowners can do to minimize the impact of the sun’s heat on the home.  Please note: these are not ranked in any way and always err on the side of safety and caution – use a professional whenever needed or possible.

  • Air Conditioning – easily the biggest tool in cooling your home.  Can also be the most expensive to buy and operate.
  • Roof Vents / Ridge Vent – Greatly reduces the amount of heat accumulating in the attic space.
  • House Paint – Your choice of paint may impact the heat being absorbed by your home.  Light colors reflect.
  • Landscaping – Trees and shrubs can block the sun from impacting home.
  • Heat Pump – Can be less expensive than air conditioning and also help heat your home in the winter.
  • Ceiling Fans – Can be used both in the hot and cold season by selection the direction of the fan.
  • Limit Incandescent Lights – Roughly 90% of the energy that powers one becomes heat.
  • Limit cooking – BBQ outdoors if possible.
  • Air Dry Dishes – Dishwashers do produce heat.
  • Insulation – Attic insulation can reduce the heat radiating into your home.
  • Blinds, Drapes and Curtains – The lighter the color and tight to the wall the better they will reflect and reduce heat.
  • Thermal Exhaust – when the inside is higher than the outside temperature, open the lowest windows where there’s shade or a breeze and open the upstairs windows on the opposite side.
  • Whole House Fan – A large fan placed in your ceiling (much like a bathroom exhaust)  that pulls out the warm air up and out of your home while open windows allow the fan to pull in cooler air from the outside.
  • Tint the windows to block out the Sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.  Solar control window tint doesn’t mean your window have to be dark to be effective.  Professional installed tint can appear as if nothing is on the window, increase the value of your home to future home buyers, and most importantly target some of that heat that’s entering your home.

Dealer Xpress Window Tinting can provide a free, no obligation, estimate.  Please call us at 253-288-1195 for any questions you may have.