Stress Free Rain Driving

In our experience, the best solution to driving in extreme weather or traffic is planning ahead and most importantly – staying calm.

At Dealer Xpress we practice preparation by professionally installing Aquapel to our windshields. This process allows us to see clearly driving in the rain.  The treatment is inexpensive and for Washington weather, a must to relieve traffic stress.

In addition to treating the windshield to improve visibility here are some useful tips to help you battle Washington’s rain:

  • Turn on your headlights
  • Turn on your defroster, even if you don’t need it right the defroster will help prevent sudden fogging due to high moisture in the air
  • Increase the space between the car in front of you
  • if hydroplaning, keep the steering wheel straight and take your foot off the gas pedal




Windshield Rain Treatment

Driving in the rain in Washington State is never dull.  It fact, it can be a white knuckle, stressful event depending on your vehicles readiness.

3 easy things to do to help:

  • Pay attention to conditions and be aware that other drivers may be distracted
  • Replace your windshield wipers before they go bad.
  • Treat your windshield at Dealer Xpress.  Professionally installed Aquapel lasts up to 6 times longer than other glass treatments.
Photo Credit: Aquapel

Feedback from a satisfied driver:  “Thank you for recommending the windshield treatment.  My wife drove my car for the day and while she was on the freeway the driver’s side rubber windshield wiper peeled off.  She was able to clearly see despite the rain and mist coming off the road, making it home safely.”

Contact us today for a quick windshield treatment to help you see clearer and drive safer longer. 253-288-1195


Dealer Xpress has WeatherTech

Dealer Xpress of Auburn is proud to join the family of Authorized Dealers in WeatherTech FloorLiner, Cargo Liner, Side Window Deflectors and more.

WeatherTech products are laser measured and custom designed to fit to your vehicle specifically.

We carry an assorted range of popular WeatherTech products.  Also, depending on the time of day we can often get the product you are looking for the same day or within 24 hours if it’s currently not on hand.

WeatherTech is a wildly popular and must have a product for car, truck and SUV enthusiast.

So why buy from Dealer Xpress?  We are a local shop, committed to serving those within our community and as an Authorized Diamond Dealer of WeatherTech you can buy with confidence knowing that you will be completely satisfied with the form and function of the product.

For availability on WeatherTech call 253-288-1195 today.
Dealer Xpress.

Photo and Video Credit: WeatherTech