Caitlyn B. – Seattle, WA

If you need a tint job done, this is the place to go. I contacted them last Wednesday over Yelp and heard back in 15 minutes. I took my car down around 12:30 to discuss cost and the various options. I thought I had decided and we were due back at 3 PM for my tinting! We went to lunch and ran some errands in the meantime. When we got back, I completely changed my mind. Instead of matching the factory tint on the front two (as I originally wanted) I decided to get all five Windows done. They were super accommodating and had everyone work to get my car done. It took about an hour and a half.

We went with 10% in back and 15% up front. I’ll never be able to go back to a vehicle without tint. Also, Milo was right, I do wish I went darker – next time!!! I would recommend them to anybody. The most friendly, knowledgeable, fastest, and professional place I’ve been. Thank-you for an amazing job, I’m so happy with it!

4/12/2016 – Reviewed on Yelp