Dr. Mai X. N. – Issaquah, WA

Had my first car tinted here about 7 years ago before I moved to Florida. The tint helped a lot in the Florida sunshine. After moving back to Seattle and the many mileage i put on my old car, i traded it in for a Lexus. I decided to come back to Dealer Xpress to get my tint done again. Same great service as before. They treated me like I was family and not another customer. Mino help me choose a tint that would go best with my car. I thought it would take about 4 hours to get everything done but they were able to get it all under 3 hours. Mino was so nice and offer to pick me up at starbucks so I didn’t have to walk 30 minutes back to the shop. Excellent customer service and he went far and beyond.

I am very happy with my result and will be coming back and tinting my sister car soon. Would highly recommend this place to anyone.

1/28/2014 – Reviewed on Yelp